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We are closed for a family holiday from midday the 11th of August to the 29th. Orders placed during these dates will be dispatched on the 29th of August. Please enjoy a 10% discount for patiently waiting for your order! Enter: HOLIDAY17.

Other Electrical Items

Welcome to our other electrical items section of the store.

We are confident that you will find here all the other possible electrical parts found in hot tubs and spas such as sensors, switches, cables, capacitors, speakers and even down to small control box parts like fuses, relays. and screws.

If there is an electrical item that you can't find just give us a call or email us through the contact us page as we have many other parts that may not be listed in the store. If it is something we dont have in stock there is a very good chance that we will be able to order it very quickly direct from the manufacturer.



Cables, Plugs & Receptacles

Temperature & High Limit Sensors

Pressure & Flow Switches

Control Box Parts & Small Electrical

Pump Capacitors