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CG Air - 1.2 HP Hot Tub Air Blower (Heated)

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High Quality Heated CG Air Blower - Commonly found on Canadian spas portable range Haliburton & Muskoka.

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CG Air - 1.2 HP Hot Tub Air Blower (Heated)
5 item(s)
(0 reviews) Write a review

CG Air - 1.2 HP Hot Tub Air Blower (Heated)

This high quality heated air blower is manufactured by CG Air of Canada and commonly found on Canadian & North American built hot tubs and spas. In our personal opinion, this is probably one of the best air blowers you can buy on the market due to its compact size, long life brushes and its ability to run quieter than most other air blowers. 

This heated CG Air blower when fully warmed up will produce approximately 31-33 degrees C, so when running it won't cool your spa water down as fast & feel so cold on your body giving you a far more enjoyable spa experience.



Power: 230volt 50Hz

Amps: 6.0

Watts: 900

Heater: 300 Watts

Horsepower: 1.2

Part Number: SLO-3-390-230/50A-CE


Length: 300mm x Width: 160mm x Height: 180mm


ElectricalCG air blowers come with a 3 prong J&J plastic sealed plug type and will fit many Balboa & Hydroquip control packs. If your blower has a different plug & cable then you can swap this over to the new blower.

Plumbing: Standard 1.5" internal pipe connection (Internal diameter of the nozzle is approx 48mm). The nozzle also is a 2" male slip fitting and so allows a 2" socket pipe fitting to fit over it. (External diameter of the nozzle is approx 60mm).

Found on Spa Brands

This type of air blower is most commonly found on Canadian & North American Hot Tubs & Spas. Known to be fitted to Canadian Spas portable spa range, the Haliburton & Muskoka and some of their older large spas. 

Additional Information

Heated air blowers are slightly more expensive but a preferred choice with many spa owners as the air produced is warm. The air injected into the spa from the air jets does not feel cold on your body, this also helps to maintain the spas water temperature whilst the air blower is in operation.

If you need any help or information you can contact us by email or just give us a call, we will be happy to help.

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