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Balboa Circuit Boards

Welcome to our Balboa circuit boards (PCB) section of our store.

We stock all models of replacement generic PCB's for European Balboa spa control boxes found here in the UK.

You will find your part number on a white label on the PCB and all part numbers will start with 5 digits and will start with a number 5, for example, numbers like 52422, 51997.

If you can't find your part number listed please give us a call as we stock many other variations, you may also find that your PCB has a slightly different number and out by like one digit if this is the case then there is a good chance it will be compatible.

If you have any questions or would like to check compatibility with your existing PCB just give us a call or email us with a picture via our contact us page.

We have broken these down into the following subcategories to help you identify your replacement easier.



Balboa Value & Duplex PCB's
Balboa M3 & Elite PCB's

Balboa M3 & Elite PCB's

Balboa GS & GL PCB's

Balboa Expander Boards
Balboa BP Series PCB's

Balboa BP Series PCB's