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Hydroquip Circuit Boards

Welcome to the Hydroquip circuit boards(PCB) section of our store.

Hydroquip control pack replacement parts are not the easiest to source when compared to other spa control brands, we do however strive to still stock as many available European PCB's as we can.

When choosing your replacement check the part number on the PCB which will be something like 33-0025-R6 and check which control box you have by part number found normally on the top, something like CS9707.

Please note on some models there are some later revisions of these PCB's for example the R6 at the end of PCB part number above is revision 6 there is now a later revision R8 which will replace all the others.

If you need help with identifying your PCB or need any further technical advice simply contact us here.

HydroQuip 33-0012A - CS-6500/7500/8500 EX PCB

Part Number: HTPS1265

Out of stock
£899.86 (£749.88 Ex. VAT)

HydroQuip 33-0012A PCB, works with CS-6500/7500/8500 Export Series HydroQuip control boxes/packs.

Hydroquip 33-0025A CS-9707 PCB (CS-9000 Packs)

Part Number: HTPS1269

£1,005.73 (£838.11 Ex. VAT)
In stock, immediate despatch

33-0025A-R8 PCB replacement for CS-9707 & all CS-9000 spa packs.

This revision 8 model replaces other R6 & R7 revisions.