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Spaform Circuit Boards

Welcome to the Spaform Circuit Boards section of our store.

Spaform have only ever used Balboa control systems on their spas, most of the PCB's can be replaced using a generic Balboa replacement but it some cases a licensed Spaform/Balboa one must be obtained.

When matching up your replacement Spaform spa PCB you will need to find the part number written on a white sticker located directly on the board, all Spaform part numbers start with the letters SF and then a few numbers, for example SF100 or SF172.

All the PCB's below whether they are licensed or generic replacements are guaranteed to work with your spaform topside control and control pack.

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.

Balboa / Spaform SF100 Licensed PCB - 51900 BA011

Part Number: HTPS43



Discontinued, please call us for alternative PCB.

Balboa / Spaform SF100 PCB - Fitted to Spaforms SF100 M3 control packs, operates 3 pumps and a blower.

Balboa / Spaform SF172 Replacement PCB - 52612

Part Number: HTPS45



Balboa / Spaform SF172 PCB - Found fitted to Spaform's Value Duplex control packs.

Balboa / Spaform SF273 Licensed PCB - 52604

Part Number: HTPS44



Discontinued, Please call us for alternative PCB.

Balboa/Spaform PCB - Found on licensed Spaform SF273  control boxes.



Balboa GL8000 Mach3 PCB - 53860

Part Number: HTPS164

Out of stock
£558.61 (£465.51 Ex. VAT)

GL8000 PCB - Fits all European GL8000 (53859) Balboa spa control boxes/packs.

Balboa M3 Elite PCB - M7 2 Pump - 52397

Part Number: HTPS320



M3 Elite 2 Pump PCB - Found on older metal M3 Elite Balboa control boxes, 

 **Correct image coming soon**

Balboa M3 Elite PCB - M7 3 Pump - 53305

Part Number: HTPS321

Out of stock

M3 Elite PCB - Found on older metal M3 Balboa control boxes, can be used as a cheap alternative to the Spaform SF273 52604 PCB.

 **Correct image coming soon**

Balboa Value 5 Duplex M7 PCB - 52376 - Spaform Fit

Part Number: HTPS318-1



Balboa/Spaform Value 5 Duplex M7 PCB - Found fitted to metal Balboa Value Duplex control packs.

Balboa/Spaform Replacement PCB - SF050

Part Number: HTPS322-1

£182.29 (£151.91 Ex. VAT)
In stock, immediate despatch

Balboa/Spaform SF050 PCB found on older Spaform SF050 metal Lite Leader control boxes.