Waterway Circ Pumps

Welcome to the Waterway Circulation pumps section.

Waterway have manufactured many models of circulation pump over the years but none have been as popular as the Iron Might & Tiny Might.

These models have know been improved and changed for the European market, the Iron Might used to have a distinctive yellow wet end(now black) with a Emerson motor & the Tiny Might had a slim red motor.

Both of these pumps now come with a Italian manufactured EMG motors which have finned bodies with a rear mounted fan to help dissipate heat and provide cooler running temperatures.

Here us a quick guide to the models and wet end connections,

Tiny Might - either 1" barbed or 1" threaded unions.

Iron Might - 1-1/2" threaded unions.

U Might - 1-1/2" threaded unions.

Waterway Iron Might Circulation Pump 1.5" x 1.5"

Part Number: CP-IM

£258.32   £240.00
In stock, immediate despatch

Waterway's European Iron Might with black wet end, replaces the imported yellow wet end model.

Waterway Tiny Might Circulation Pump 1" x 1"

Part Number: 3312620-14EU

£225.00   £196.50
In stock, immediate despatch

Waterway's European Tiny Might with superior silver EMG motor, replaces the older red USA model.