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Find below our complete range of replacement Aeware hot tub control boxes manufactured by Gecko Alliance.

Gecko claim that the latest AeWare range are the most innovative, safest and most reliable control packs they have ever made, boasting from breakthough electrical connectors and a superb waterproof casing that can be mounted on its base or wall mounted.

These control packs have the perfect companion the intelligent IN.Therm Remote Heater which can be plumbed into the spas pipework away from the control pack, this combination provides a very vesitile control system indeed.

Gecko Aeware IN.XE Control Box

Part Number: HTPS879

£651.67   £537.63
In stock, immediate despatch

Aeware IN.XE Control Box - Operates a 2 pump system, comes complete with 4kw Heat.Wav heater.

Gecko Aeware IN.XM2 Control Box

Part Number: HTPS878

Out of stock
£757.44   £624.89

Aeware IN.XM2 Control Box - Operates a 3 pump system, direct replacement for older IN.XM system.