Chinese Control Boxes

Welcome to the Chinese Control Boxes section of our store.

We stock several control boxes found in Chinese hot tubs here in the UK, Spa Serve being the most common.

These are designed as direct replacements for your existing control box, we strongly recommend due to relaibility issues with all Chinese control boxes that you should think about upgrading to one of our Balboa control pack systems as they are very reliable and spare parts for them are easily accessible for the future.


If you need any more information regarding Chinese control boxes or our Balboa control systems then you can contact us here, we will be more than happy to help you.

Spa Serve Topside Control Panel - TCP-8-3 / KL8-3A

Part Number: TCP8-3

Out of stock

TCP8-3 / KL8-3 Topside Control - Works with CB8-3 Spa Serve Control Boxes.

Spa Serve Topside Control Panel - TCP8-2 / KL8-2

Part Number: TCP8-2

Out of stock

TCP8-2 / KL8-2 Topside Control - Works with CB8-2 Spa Serve Control Boxes.