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Genesis GC150-2XJ-B Spaform Pump - Repair Service

Genesis GC150-2XJ-B Spaform Pump - Repair Service

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Genesis GC150-2XJ-B Spaform Pump - Repair Service

The Hydroair Genesis GC150 pump can be found on a huge number of Spaform spas here in Europe and can be easily identified by its distinctive blue-coloured wet end. Unfortunately, this once popular pump has since been discontinued by Hydroair and the wet ends are now no longer available, however, the EMG 1.5hp motors still are.

It is not the hardest job in the world to replace the motor etc but if break the wet end it will cause a painful re-plumbing job to fit a new pump to your spa as the GC150 wet end has completely different union thread connections to any other spa pump on the market.

This is why we offer a full GC150 pump refurbishment to any customer based in the UK, simply box it up and give us a call telling us when and where you would like it collected or click the BUY NOW and pay and we will give you a call. Once the pump has been collected we will then return it back to you fully refurbished within 7 days.

What we do

~ We use the correct tools to salvage the GC150 blue wet end from the motor.

~ Replace the wet end shaft seal kit.

~ Replace & silicone grease the wet end O' rings.

~ Fit a new 1.5hp 2 speed EMG Italian motor.

~ Rewire your existing cable to the new motor.

Why choose us?

We have refurbished these discontinued pumps countless times and have over 20 years of experience in the repair and service of spas and their parts. We also offer a 1-year warranty on the refurbished pump from the day you receive it back, this covers you if the motor stops working or it starts to leak.

Pump Specifications

Motor: 48 Frame 2 Speed

Power: 230v 50Hz

Amps Low: 1.5 - High: 6.5

HP Low: 0.3 - High: 1.5 

kW Low: 0.4 - High: 1.1

Capacitor: 16uf & 30uf

Length: 240mm 

Height: 175mm

Width: 145mm

Need Help?

If you have any questions about our GC150 refurbishment service or any spa related queries please feel to contact us by phone on 01342 717982 or by email through our contact us page.

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