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Chemical Feeders & Dispensers

Welcome to the Chemical Feeders & Dispensers section of the store.


Here you will find our selection of chemical feeders and dispeners for dosing your hot tub, spa or pool. These are a great accessory that every spa or pool owner should have, they save you the effort of visiting your spa every couple of days to dose it with chlorine or bromine and prevent damage to the plastics of skimmer baskets from the contact of sanitisers. Simply add your tablets for the week or more and set the amount of dosing required.

Deluxe Spa Floating Dispenser

Part Number: DE-SP-FL-DI

In stock, immediate despatch

Pool Floating Dispenser

Part Number: PO-FL-DI

In stock, immediate despatch

Spa Floating Dispenser

Part Number: SP-FL-DI

In stock, immediate despatch

SPA FROG Floating Bromine & Mineral Dispenser

Part Number: FROG-DISP

In stock, immediate despatch

SPA FROG dispenser complete with bromine & mineral cartridges.