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Lo-Chlor Specialty Chemicals

Welcome to the Lo-Chlor Specialty Chemicals section of our store.

Lo-Chlor produce some great high quality specialty chemicals for hot tubs, spas and pools. These chemicals were origionally designed for the trade to provide quick and efficient solutions to problems in the pool and spa industry. Whether you are looking for a chemical to clean your cover or a flush treatment we are confident that you will find it here and be happy with results that they provide.

Lo-Chlor Hydra Slip Lubricant

Part Number: HTPS1021

In stock, immediate despatch

Lo-Chlor Instant Filter Cleaner

Part Number: LO-IN-FI-CL

In stock, immediate despatch

Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer

Part Number: HTPS815

In stock, immediate despatch

Lo-Chlor Spa and Hot Tub Cleaner 250ml

Part Number: HTPS509

In stock, immediate despatch

Lo-Chlor Vinyl Restorer 450ml

Part Number: HTPS1855

In stock, immediate despatch