Heater Unions, Collars, Gaskets & Other

Here is the heater assembly spare parts section of our store.

Find below our complete range of spare parts for all makes of hot tub heater assemblies, parts such as Viton seals, O rings, gaskets, split collars, unions, screws and termainal nuts.

If you are having trouble finding a part for you heater then give us a call as we possibly may have it in stock, you can also email us a picture of the part with a message through our contact us page.

1.5" Heater O'Ring Gaskets (Pair)

Part Number: 711-4050(x2)

In stock, immediate despatch

1.5 Inch heater O'Ring Gaskets - Sold in pairs

1.5" Heater Union Tail Piece

Part Number: 417-4090

In stock, immediate despatch

2" Balboa Heater Union Collar & Tail Piece

Part Number: PL-10400

In stock, immediate despatch

2" Heater Gaskets - Balboa, Gecko & Hydroquip (Pair)

Part Number: 711-4030

In stock, immediate despatch

2" heater O Ring Gaskets (sold in pairs) These are the most common types of heater gaskets and will fit any hot tub with a 2" heater assembly.

2" Heater Union Tail Piece

Part Number: 417-5050

In stock, immediate despatch

3" Saratoga & Jacuzzi Heater Union Complete

Part Number: PL-10415

In stock, immediate despatch