Aquatemp, Thermcore, RMF & Other Heaters

Welcome to our section for hot tub heaters manufactured by Aquatemp, Thermcore and RMF.

These heaters are all now produced by Therm Products and we are proud to say that we stock the entire range, please be aware that the old part numbers for these heaters have now been changed by Therm products.

To help you match up your old heater  we have tried our best to provide you with the old part numbers as well as the new ones for each product so be sure to check both numbers before purchasing your replacement heater.

If you require any help with these different types of heater then please don't hesitate in contacting us.

1.5kw 1.5" Balboa / Thermcore Heater With P/Switch

Part Number: 58071

£159.00   £136.74

Possibly the last 3 of these heaters in the world!

1.5kw 1.5" heater common on Canadian Spas Haliburton, Muskoka & Companion portable spas.

2.5kw Flow Thru "Challenger" Heater

Part Number: HTPS1259

£107.74   £96.97
In stock, immediate despatch

2.5kw Flow Thru heater also known as the Challenger heater, common on Gulf Coast Spas & Hydroquip packs. 

2kw Gecko Flow Thru SSPA Heater

Part Number: HTPS521

£115.04   £100.66
In stock, immediate despatch

2kw heater assembly for Gecko SSPA spa control packs.(Pressure switch not included) 

Gecko 2kw MicroSpa Pack (U-Class) Heater

Part Number: HTPS1164

Out of stock

2.0kw Gecko MicroSpa heater assembly, replacement for Gecko MicroSpa (U-CLASS) control systems. 

Gecko 3.6kw Flow Thru MSPA Heater (Older Version)

Part Number: HTPS528

£155.94   £136.45
In stock, immediate despatch

3.6kw Gecko heater assembly, replacement for older Gecko MSPA control boxes. (Pressure switch not included)

Jacuzzi 2.8kw Low Flow Heater

Part Number: E2280-0300ET

Out of stock

2.8kw Jacuzzi replacement low flow heater assembly, includes specific 5 pin J&J plug/cord.

Vita Spa 3kw Low Flow Heater

Part Number: HTPS813

Out of stock

3kw Vita Spa replacement low flow heater assembly, includes flexi cords with ring terminals. Can also replace other 4kw models.