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Waterway Storm Jets (Twist & Click)

Welcome to the Waterway Storm Series Jets (Twist & Click) section of our store.

All the Waterway water Jets that are in this section are Twisted & Clicked into the Jet body located in the spa shell and are probably the most common type of Jet found in hot tubs & spas all over the world.

The standard types/sizes of Storm jets are: 2" Cluster Storm, 3" Mini Storm, 3-3/8" Poly Storm & 5" Power Storm.

Other variations of jet face alter the face diameter but not the base size of the rear white part, the (Diffuser). So working out which jet you need is simple, firstly determine which of the four main types of jet you have then secondly which diameter face and style you require.

Here is the base diameters of Jet Diffusers where they clip to the Jet face along with part numbers:

Cluster Storm Diffuser diameter: 24 mm / Part No: 218-5140

Mini Storm Diffuser diameter: 44 mm / Part No: 218-6930

Poly Storm Diffuser diameter: 54 mm / Part No: 218-4000

Power Storm Diffuser diameter: 64 mm / Part No: 218-6610

If you need our help finding your replacement jet you can send us a picture with measurements through our contact us page or just give us a call, we will be more than happy to help.




2"+ Cluster Storm Jets

3"+ Mini Storm Jets

3-3/8"+ Poly Storm Jets

4"+ Poly Storm Jets

5"+ Power Storm Jets
Large & Volcano Jets

Large & Volcano Jets