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Pressure & Flow Switches

Pressure & Flow Switches

Welcome to the Pressure & Flow Switches section of our store.

We stock every make and model of Flow Switch and Pressure Switch found fitted on European spas. Pressure Switches & Flow Switches are both methods of protecting your spa's components from low flow situations such as dirty filters or a low water level.

Pressure Switches - This method detects water back pressure inside the heater tube, when there is insufficient pressure (Flow) the switch shuts off the heater to prevent it from being dry fired (Burnt out). These switches can mechanically fail or go slightly out of calibration which can also be adjusted, before you start adjusting the calibration you should check there are no blockages, low water levels or dirty filters.

Flow Switches - This method is used on spas with low flow heating systems & uses a small paddle with a micro switch inside, this is normally located in a clear 1" or 3/4" plumbing tee somewhere before or after the low flow heater assembly. This detects actual water flow through the pipework & when there is insufficient flow the paddle doesn't move enough to switch on the heater.

£10080 (£8400 Ex. VAT)
16 item(s)
£9983 (£8319 Ex. VAT)
10 item(s)
£10228 (£8523 Ex. VAT)
48 item(s)
£3526 (£2938 Ex. VAT)
136 item(s)
£2556 (£2130 Ex. VAT)
142 item(s)
£3011 (£2509 Ex. VAT)
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£2096 (£1747 Ex. VAT)
£1849 (£1541 Ex. VAT)
96 item(s)
£1954 (£1628 Ex. VAT)
17 item(s)
£1904 (£1587 Ex. VAT)
7 item(s)
£2028 (£1690 Ex. VAT)
3 item(s)