Cables, Plugs & Receptacles

Welcome to the Cables, Plugs & Receptacles section of our store.

We stock all variations of component cables & receptacles used with European hot tub & spa control systems.

Here you will find cables for one or two speed pumps, circulation pumps, air blowers, ozonators & lights.

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J & J - The most common style cable in Europe as they have been the prefered choice on spa control systems for about 10 years. These are a sealed plastic plug that plugs into a socket(receptacle) down the side of older style control boxes.

AMP - These have four or two plastic D-shaped pin configurations which are designed to connect directly onto a control box PCB, very common to later Balboa GS & GL control systems.



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Amp Cables & Plugs

J & J Cables & Plugs

J & J Receptacles (Sockets)