Pressure & Flow Switches

Welcome to the Pressure & Flow Switches section of our store.

We stock every make and model of Flow Switch and Pressure Swich found fitted on European spas.

Pressure Swiches & Flow Switches are both methods of protecting your spas electrical components from low flow situations such as dirty filters or a low water level.

Pressure Switches - This method detects water back pressure inside the heater tube, when there is insufficient pressure (Flow) the switch shuts off the heater to prevent it being dry fired (Burnt out).

These switches can mechanically fail or go slightly out of calibration which can also be adjusted, before you start adjusting the calibration you should check there are no blockages, low water level of dirty filters.

Flow Switches - This method is used on spas with low flow heating systems & uses a small paddle with micro switch inside, this is normally located in a clear 1" or 3/4" plumbing tee somewhere before or after the low flow heater assembly. This detects actual water flow through the pipework & when there is insufficient flow the paddle doesn't move enough to switch on the heater.

Harwil Flow Switch - Long Probe Version

Part Number: 60-1008

In stock, immediate despatch

Long probe version, Length of grey probe arm: 46mm (1-7/8"), Outer thread diameter: 20mm (3/4"), Total Length: 90mm.

Harwil Flow Switch - Short Probe Version

Part Number: 60-1011

In stock, immediate despatch

Short probe version, Length of grey probe arm: 35mm (1-3/8"), Outer thread diameter: 20mm (3/4"), Total Length: 80mm.

Harwil Flow Switch Tee - 3/4" Ribbed Barb

Part Number: Q-12DS-C2

In stock, immediate despatch

Complete Harwil Flow Switch Tee, very common and used on a range of spa brands with low flow laing heating systems.

Pressure Switch - Balboa/Tecmark - 30408 / 3158-EH

Part Number: 30408 / 3158-EH

In stock, immediate despatch

The most common pressure switch in Europe - Fitted to every Balboa pressure switched heater assembly.

Pressure Switch - Gecko DTec

Part Number: 510AD0181

In stock, immediate despatch

Commonly used on Gecko SSPA-1, SSPA-2 & MSPA, Spabuilders and HydroQuip spa control system heaters.

Pressure Switch - Tecmark 3902, 3903 & 34-0178

Part Number: 3902 / 3903

In stock, immediate despatch

Common to Gecko, Hydroquip & Balboa control systems - Replacement for models 3902, 3903 & 34-0178.

Pressure Switch - Tecmark 4037P

Part Number: 4037P-401P

In stock, immediate despatch

Common to Applied Computer Controls spa control systems - Replacement for models 4037P, 401P and others.

Pressure Switch - Tecmark 4073P-DBDB

Part Number: 4073P-DBDB

In stock, immediate despatch

Common to Certikin Raypack, Genie, Laars, Jandy, Zodiac, Legacy, Lite, Purex Tropic Isle, swimming pool boiler systems.

Pressure Switch - Tecmark 4098P

Part Number: 4098P

In stock, immediate despatch

Common to Certikin boiler products & replacement for models 4098P-DB, however switch will need calibrating.

Pressure Switch - Tecmark 4755P

Part Number: 4755P

In stock, immediate despatch

Common to older Calderra Spa control systems & Certikin swimming pool boilers - Replacement for models 4037P.

Pressure Switch - Tecmark 4756P

Part Number: 4756P

In stock, immediate despatch

Replacement for Len Gordon pressure switch - 800122.

Pressure Switch - Tecmark 4760P

Part Number: 4760P

In stock, immediate despatch

Pressure Switch - Tecmark 4761P

Part Number: 4761P

In stock, immediate despatch

Alternative connection to model for the 4755P.