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Pipe Fittings

Welcome to the pipe fittings section, here we have all the basic plumbing fittings used on the water and air systems on hot tubs and spas.

The standard pipe fitting sizes on hot tubs and spas are are not the actual diameter internally or externally they are based on nominal and wall thickness measurements and are known as 'Schedule 40' sizes.

Here is a quick metric guide to help to identify the pipe you have & need a fitting for:

1/2" =  21.34 mm

3/4" = 26.67 mm

1" = 33.40 mm

1.5" = 48.26 mm

2" =  60.33 mm

Please note the diameters above are of white flexi pipe. Clear vinyl pipe is not based on these measurements due to them being fittied externally over fittings, clear vinyl pipes have their own specific fittings.



3/8 Vinyl Pipe Fittings

1/2" Pipe Fittings

3/4" Pipe Fittings

1" Pipe Fittings

1.5" Pipe Fittings

2" Pipe Fittings

Pipe Extenders

Pipe Reducers

Pipe Caps & Plugs