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Circulation Pumps

Welcome to our hot tub circulation pumps section.

We stock every possible European make & model of circulation pump used in hot tubs, spas and occasionally in whirlpool bathtubs, so if your looking for a replacement pump then you have come to the right place. 

Circulation pumps are a very important part of your hot tub as they circulate the water through the filter and heating system. If you have a circulation pump fitted to your spa and your spa has suddenly stopped heating or is poorly filtering your spas water then there is a good possibility that the pump is at fault.

The most common pump makes used in Europe are Aquaflo, Chinese LX & Laing.




Aqua-Flo Circ Pumps

Laing Circ Pumps

Waterway Circ Pumps

Chinese LX Circ Pumps

Balboa Circ Pumps
ESPA Circ Pumps

ESPA Circ Pumps