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Vico Hot Tub Pumps

Welcome to the Vico hot tub pumps section of our store.

Vico Ultrajet pumps are commonly found on older Canadian spas & Hydropool spas but were discontinued a few years ago, they can be identified by names on the motor such as Franklin Electric and Ultrajet. Unfortunately, there are only two options when replacing one of these pumps due to the wet end being totally unique for this kind of pump. We supply the very best solutions to this by using the original Vico wet ends attached to either one of our Emerson US motors or EMG Italian motors, this guarantees that the pump unions on your spa will 100% attach and line up to your new replacement pump.

1) The Emerson motor option has the same sized smooth body design so can be a perfect Vico pump replacement, however, due to these motors be imported from the states the price is considerably more.

2) The EMG motor option is the cheaper alternative but as can be seen, has the square capacitor box on the top of the motor body which is somewhat taller than the original. We have come up with an ideal solution for this problem by using rotation plates which will then enable you to rotate the body of the motor into a position that is not restricted by the framework or pipework of your spa, you can find these rotation plates listed below.

These two options have been proven methods of replacing Vico Ultrajet pumps by us for years. If you require any help on these replacement pumps then just give us a call or contact us here.