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Master Spa PCB's & Control Boxes

Balboa Euro Lite Leader PCB - 54146

Part Number: 54146

In stock, immediate despatch

Balboa Lite Leader PCB found on older metal Lite Leader control boxes.

Balboa GL8000 Mach3 PCB - 53860

Part Number: 53860

In stock, immediate despatch

GL8000 PCB - Fits all European GL8000 (53859) Balboa spa control boxes/packs.

Balboa Lite Leader Topside Control Panel 6-Pin - 54116

Part Number: 54116 or 51705

In stock, immediate despatch

Lite Leader topside with overlay & 6 pin connector - Used on DIY Tubs, Master Spas, Spaform Spas, replaces short cable type 51705.

Master Spas GS501 PCB - 53341

Part Number: 53341

Out of stock

GS501 PCB for Balboa/Master Spa GS series spa control packs. Master Spas part number X801094

Master Spas MAS25E PCB - 52632

Part Number: 52632

Available to order only


Official licensed Master Spas MAS25E PCB 52632, X800680, fitted to Master Spas/Balboa control boxes with part number 52631.

Master Spas MAS560E PCB - 52884

Part Number: 52884

Out of stock

MS560E PCB 52884 - Works only with Master Spa/Down East MAS560E Balboa spa control boxes/packs 52883.

Master Spas MS1500E GS501SZ PCB - 55061

Part Number: 55061

Out of stock

MS1500E GS501SZ PCB 55061 - Works only with Master Spa/Down East MS1500E Balboa spa control boxes/packs (55060).

Master Spas MS1700E PCB - 56157

Part Number: 56157

Out of stock

Master Spas MS1700E PCB 56157 - Works with Master Spa/Down East MS1700E Balboa spa control boxes/packs (56156). Possibly other part numbers may be found.

Master Spas MS5000E GL2001 M3 PCB - 55063

Part Number: 55063

Out of stock

Official licensed Master Spas MS5000E PCB 55063, fitted to Balboa/Master Spa GL2001 control boxes 55062.

Master Spas XL2000 M3 PCB - 53705

Part Number: 53705

Out of stock

Master Spas XL2000/GL2000 PCB 53705, works with plastic GL2000 Balboa/Master Spa (53704) control boxes.