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Gecko Topside Control Panels

Gecko Topside Control Panels

Welcome to the Gecko Topside Controls section.

Gecko has produced many topside control panels over the years for their SSPA & MSPA control systems. They can be found on spa brands such as Arctic Spa, Coyote Spas, LA Spas, Dimension One, Gulf Coast & many more. The main problem we find with Gecko topsides is that there is a large amount of them that are licensed by the spa brands and have to be normally ordered in from them directly, ultimately paying a premium price. All the Gecko topside controls below are unlicensed and available, if you can't find your model below then there is a good possibility that it is licensed and it will need to be ordered in specially.

If you need any help or would like to try and order a licensed Gecko topside call or contact us by email.

£36620 (£30517 Ex. VAT)
26 item(s)
Gecko_TSC-18_Topside_Control_Panel -17%
£15480 (£12900 Ex. VAT) £15574
£14400 (£12000 Ex. VAT) £15344
£14940 (£12450 Ex. VAT) £14219
3 item(s)
£27454 (£22878 Ex. VAT)
31 item(s)
£24024 (£20020 Ex. VAT) £20191
15 item(s)
Gecko_TSC_8_Topside_Control_Panel -7%
£19560 (£16300 Ex. VAT) £17500
27 item(s)
Gecko_TSC-9_Topside_Control_Panel -7%
£14400 (£12000 Ex. VAT) £12893
5 item(s)