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Chinese Spa Topside Control Panels

Welcome to the Chinese Spa Topside Control Panels section of our store.


We stock a wide range of replacement topside controls panels for Chinese spas, these panels can be found on Chinese spa brands such as Spa Serve, AMC Winer Spas, Danz Spas, & Jazzi Spas.

Chinese controls have come along way with their reliability over the last few years and we stock the manufacturers latest designed models. Some replacement models have different button layouts/images but will work just the same, please don't hesitate in calling us if you need any help.

Spa Serve Topside Control Panel - TCP-8-3 / KL8-3A

Part Number: TCP8-3

£127.20 (£106.00 Ex. VAT)
In stock, immediate despatch

TCP8-3 / KL8-3 Topside Control - Works with CB8-3 Spa Serve Control Boxes.

Spa Serve Topside Control Panel - TCP8-2 / KL8-2

Part Number: TCP8-2

Out of stock

TCP8-2 / KL8-2 Topside Control - Works with CB8-2 Spa Serve Control Boxes.