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Welcome to the hot tub air blowers section of our shop.

We supply all makes of air blowers made by manufacturers such as CG Air, Air Supply of the Future, Chinese LX & ITT now known as Hydroair. All air blowers come in various different horsepowers, watts & whether they are heated or non heated, here is a quick guide to the different makes & models:

CG air blowers are made in Canada & are common on older Canadian Spa hot tubs & their portable spa range.

Air Supply of the Future produce the Ultra 9000 & Max Air blowers, are the most commonly found in the UK.

Hydroair now owned by Balboa produce the distinctive blue Genesis blowers used by Spaform, Aegean & Catalina.

The Chinese produce the LX models for their spas & they are also now being used by many well known Canadian & American brands entering the European market.




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