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Jets & Jet Bodies

Welcome to the Hot Tub Jets & Bodies section of our store.

We supply all types of spa jets, water jets & jet bodies manufactured by brands such as Waterway, Pentair, Custom Moulded Products(CMP) & Chinese Rising Dragon.

We stock a huge range of Waterway jets as they are the most common here in Europe, we will however be expanding our jet range on the website for the other brands above soon. In the mean while if you would like us to match up and sell you different brand of jet simply get in touch.


Need help finding your replacement jet? You can send us a picture through our contact us page or give us a call.

Please choose from the categories below - Water Jets, Air Jets, Jet Bodies or Jet Diffusers & Parts.



Waterway Water Jets
Pentair Water Jets

Pentair Water Jets
Master Spa Jets & Jet Bodies

Master Spa Jets & Jet Bodies
Marquis Spa Jets & Bodies

Marquis Spa Jets & Bodies

Waterway Jet Bodies

Air Jets, Injectors & Bodies

Jet Diffusers & Jet Parts