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Jet Diffusers & Jet Parts

Jet Diffusers & Jet Parts

Welcome to the Jet Diffusers & Jet Parts section.

Here you will find replacement jet diffusers for Waterway storm jets & for Pentair jets along with other random replacement jet parts that we have available in the store. If you can't find the correct rear jet part (jet diffuser) for your jet here you will need to buy a complete jet.

Waterway diffusers are extremely common & are found on hundreds of styles of Waterway jets here in Europe, despite these hundreds of styles there are only four sizes of diffusers that are used with their faces regardless of their style, shape or colour.

CMP diffusers look very similar to Waterway diffusers so take care when ordering and compare their design as much as possible.

Pentair diffusers are very easy to identify as they are made of clearer plastic than the Waterway ones, they come in only three sizes, small, medium & large, fitting all Pentair jet faces regardless of style, shape, or colour.

£379 (£316 Ex. VAT)
188 item(s)
£144 (£120 Ex. VAT)
111 item(s)
£298 (£248 Ex. VAT)
320 item(s)
£233 (£194 Ex. VAT)
166 item(s)
£204 (£170 Ex. VAT)
184 item(s)
£431 (£359 Ex. VAT)
93 item(s)
£467 (£389 Ex. VAT)
161 item(s)
£582 (£485 Ex. VAT)
54 item(s)
£854 (£712 Ex. VAT)
40 item(s)