Canadian Spa Circuit Boards

Welcome to the Canadian Spa Circuit boards section of our store.

Canadian Spa have only ever used Balboa control systems on their spas, often with branding labels & stickers. All the replacement PCB's below are 100% guaranteed to work with your existing Topside Control & fit your Canadian Spa branded Balboa control box.

To match up the board you require simply find the small white sticker located on the curcuit board, their will be a long part number, you are looking for the first 5 digits of the code starting with the number 5, something like 51997 or 52422.

Here at Hot Tub Parts Superstore we have a in depth knowledge of all Canadian Spa models so if you need any help finding the correct replacement PCB or anything else you can simply contact us here.

Balboa CPGS501Z PCB - 55447 - Canadian Spa

Part Number: HTPS8

£319.34   £271.44
In stock, immediate despatch

CPGS501Z PCB - Canadian Spa specific board by Balboa. 

Balboa GL2000 Mach 3 PCB - 55088 - Canadian Spa Fit

Part Number: HTPS42

£480.76   £408.65
In stock, immediate despatch

GL2000 PCB - Canadian Spa specific board by Balboa.

Balboa GS500Z PCB - 53356 - Canadian Spa Fit

Part Number: HTPS359

£317.16   £269.59
In stock, immediate despatch

GS500Z PCB - Canadian Spa specific board by Balboa.

Balboa GS501SZ PCB - 54516

Part Number: HTPS438

£326.78   £277.76
In stock, immediate despatch

GS501SZ PCB works with GS packs & common on Leisure Bay & Canadian Spas.

Balboa MRSPA1 PCB - 51997 - Canadian Spa M1 Boxes

Part Number: HTPS357



Balboa / Canadian Spa PCB - Replaces 51997, 51996 & 51671