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Davey/Spa Power Circuit Boards

Welcome to the Davey/Spa Power Circuit Boards section of our store.

Davey also known as Spa-Quip manufacture the Spa Power range of spa and hot tub control systems. We are one of a few companies in the UK to stock the replacement circuit boards for these less common branded spa controls.

We currently stock the replacement PCB's for Spa Power control boxes, SP600/601, SP750, SP800 & SP1200 that can be found fitted to a number of well known hot tub brands such as Marquis Spas, RotoSpa & Sapphire Spas.

If you need any help with choosing a Davey/Spa-Quip PCB please do not hesitate in giving our friendly team a call.

Davey/Spa-Quip Spa Power PCB - SP1200

Part Number: HTPS1217

Out of stock
£287.99 (£239.99 Ex. VAT)

Davey/Spa-Quip Spa Power SP1200 PCB, works with Spa Power SP1200 control boxes/packs & Topsides.

Davey/Spa-Quip Spa Power PCB - SP600/SP601

Part Number: HTPS1184

Out of stock
£160.24 (£133.53 Ex. VAT)

Davey/Spa-Quip Spa Power SP600/SP601 PCB, works with Spa Power SP600/601 control boxes/packs.

Davey/Spa-Quip Spa Power PCB - SP750

Part Number: HTPS1212

Out of stock
£228.04 (£190.03 Ex. VAT)

Davey/Spa-Quip Spa Power SP750 PCB, works with Spa Power SP750 control boxes/packs.

** Discontinued item, Please call for alternative **

Davey/Spa-Quip Spa Power PCB - SP800

Part Number: HTPS1213

£244.87 (£204.06 Ex. VAT)
In stock, immediate despatch

Davey/Spa-Quip Spa Power SP800 PCB, works with Spa Power SP800 control boxes/packs.