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Chinese Hot Tubs

Chinese Hot Tubs

Welcome to the Chinese Hot Tubs section of our store.

In this section, we have placed all available replacement parts for Chinese Spas & Hot Tubs such as Heaters, Pumps, Covers, Control Systems, Pillows, Jets and many others.

We are constantly adding parts to our brand's categories on a weekly basis as we gain more knowledge on each spa brand. If the part you need is not listed below please take a look at our other parts categories listed to the left of the page as we may just have it in stock but not organised yet into the specific spa brands. Some parts are licensed by spa brands and can only be obtained from them directly, just let us know what part you need and we will obtain it for you from them, selling it to you in most cases cheaper than their retail price.

For more information and sales help you can contact us by email or simply just give us a call.

£10576 (£8813 Ex. VAT)
78 item(s)
£11963 (£9969 Ex. VAT)
3 item(s)
£13159 (£10966 Ex. VAT)
21 item(s)
£11705 (£9754 Ex. VAT)
£17616 (£14680 Ex. VAT)
4 item(s)
£9732 (£8110 Ex. VAT)
41 item(s)
£10378 (£8648 Ex. VAT)
68 item(s)
£11219 (£9349 Ex. VAT)
£5173 (£4311 Ex. VAT)
1 item(s)
£632 (£527 Ex. VAT)
43 item(s)
£632 (£527 Ex. VAT)
57 item(s)