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Master Spa Circuit Boards

Welcome to the Master Spa Circuit Boards (PCB's) section of our store.

Here you will find genuine OEM licensed Master Spa circuit boards by Balboa and also generic models that will work just the same but without the Master Spa part number.

Some of the PCB's in this category have to be ordered in specially so please purchase to order. Approximate waiting time is 1-2 weeks, we will contact you with further detailed information once ordered.

Balboa Euro Lite Leader PCB - 54146

Part Number: HTPS322

£182.29 (£151.91 Ex. VAT)
In stock, immediate despatch

Balboa Lite Leader PCB found on older metal Lite Leader control boxes.

Balboa GL8000 Mach3 PCB - 53860

Part Number: HTPS164

Out of stock
£558.61 (£465.51 Ex. VAT)

GL8000 PCB - Fits all European GL8000 (53859) Balboa spa control boxes/packs.

Master Spas GS501 PCB - 53341

Part Number: HTPS8-3

£301.06 (£250.88 Ex. VAT)
In stock, immediate despatch

GS501 PCB for Balboa/Master Spa GS series spa control packs. Master Spas part number X801094

Master Spas MAS25E PCB - 52632

Part Number: HTPS1691

Available to order only

£343.80 (£286.50 Ex. VAT)

Official licensed Master Spas MAS25E PCB 52632, X800680, fitted to Master Spas/Balboa control boxes with part number 52631.

Master Spas MAS560E PCB - 52884

Part Number: HTPS1690

£782.76 (£652.30 Ex. VAT)
In stock, immediate despatch

MS560E PCB 52884 - Works only with Master Spa/Down East MAS560E Balboa spa control boxes/packs 52883.

Master Spas MS1500E GS501SZ PCB - 55061

Part Number: HTPS1693

Out of stock

MS1500E GS501SZ PCB 55061 - Works only with Master Spa/Down East MS1500E Balboa spa control boxes/packs (55060).

Master Spas MS1700E PCB - 56157

Part Number: HTPS1694

Out of stock

Master Spas MS1700E PCB 56157 - Works with Master Spa/Down East MS1700E Balboa spa control boxes/packs (56156). Possibly other part numbers may be found.

Master Spas MS5000E GL2001 M3 PCB - 55063

Part Number: HTPS1692

Out of stock

Official licensed Master Spas MS5000E PCB 55063, fitted to Balboa/Master Spa GL2001 control boxes 55062.

Master Spas XL2000 M3 PCB - 53705

Part Number: HTPS42-4

£419.22 (£349.35 Ex. VAT)
In stock, immediate despatch

Master Spas XL2000/GL2000 PCB 53705, works with plastic GL2000 Balboa/Master Spa (53704) control boxes.