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Master Spa Circuit Boards

Master Spa Circuit Boards

Welcome to the Master Spa Circuit Boards (PCBs) section of our store.

Here you will find genuine OEM licensed Master Spa circuit boards by Balboa and also generic models that will work just the same but without the Master Spa part number. Some of the PCBs in this category have to be ordered in specially so please purchase to order. The approximate waiting time is 3-4 weeks, we will contact you with further detailed information once ordered.

Unfortunately, many of these PCBs are now DISCONTINUED and you will need to fit a new complete Balboa spa control system to your spa. We offer Balboa spa control pack bundles that include a control box, touch panel, and cables to retrofit to your spa.

Balboa-GL8000_Mach3_PCB_53860 -21%
£56658 (£47215 Ex. VAT) £59635
5 item(s)
£30535 (£25446 Ex. VAT) £32140
14 item(s)
Discontinued, Contact us
£81366 (£67805 Ex. VAT)
£59098 (£49248 Ex. VAT)
£52375 (£43646 Ex. VAT)
Discontinued, Contact us
1 item(s)
Master_Spas_XL2000_Mach3_PCB_53705 -21%
£45967 (£38306 Ex. VAT) £48383
3 item(s)