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Other Spa Heaters

Welcome to the Other Spa Heaters section of our store.

In this category, we have placed all the types of Spa branded heaters that are either rare or only a single unique heater exists for a specific Spa brand. Many Hot Tub heaters were manufactured by Therm Products which is now no longer in business, however recently HydroQuip has now started producing many of these rare brand-specific heaters again so if you don't see your heater here then it may be in our HydroQuip Spa heaters section.

1.5kw 1.5" Balboa / Thermcore Heater With P/Switch

Part Number: 58071

Out of stock

1.5kw 1.5" heater common on Canadian Spas Haliburton, Muskoka & Companion portable spas.

LA Spas 2.7kw Square Back Style Laing Heater

Part Number: HTPS524

£280.19 (£233.49 Ex. VAT)
In stock, immediate despatch

2.7kw Laing square back heater with 3/4" connection for vinyl tubing.

Vita Spa 3kw Low Flow Heater

Part Number: HTPS813

Out of stock

3kw Vita Spa replacement low flow heater assembly, includes flexi cords with ring terminals. Can also replace other 4kw models.