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Waterway Water Jets

Welcome to the Waterway Water Jets section of our store.

We stock a huge selection of water Jets manufactured by Waterway Plastics in the USA.

Waterway are the largest producer of air & water spa jets in the world, accounting for about 80% of jets found fitted to hot tubs & spas here in Europe.

There are many types & variations of water jets so we have broken them down into how they are fitted to the jet body inside the spas shell, they are either twisted & clicked in or screwed in place.

Twisted & Clicked - Storm series jets, the most common type of spa water jet in the world.

Screwed In - Ozone Cluster jets, Mini jets and Poly jets - Common on older spas but also used on modern spas.



Waterway Storm Jets (Twist & Click)

Waterway Jets (Screw-in)