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Wendover - Buckinghamshire - Hot Tub Repairs & Servicing

We offer breakdown repairs and servicing for all makes and models of hot tubs and spas in Wendover - Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas.


Our Experience

Our engineers have previously worked for some well known spa brands in the industry and have a long background in the manufacture of American and Chinese hot tubs and spas. Individually gaining over 10 years of in-depth knowledge in the construction, repairs, maintenance and parts of many different spa brands. With this experience we can guarantee that if your hot tub has broken down we can get it back up and running quickly and efficiently. 

Why Choose Us? 

Unlike other repair companies we are a main supplier in the UK for replacement hot tub parts and accessories so when your spa breaks down and needs replacement parts, we can offer these to you at a very competitive and affordable price. The other reason is our pricing is calculated by distance from our base near Gatwick Airport and we will travel up to a 2 hour distance, this allows us to be very affordable for local customers who need a repair call out or would like to have their spa serviced. Anybody outside of our service area, please call us to make arrangements.


Repair Call Out  - £95 inc VAT

This repair call out fee pays for one of our engineers to travel to your home in or near Wendover - Buckinghamshire and covers you for half hour of labour on site to identify the fault and possibly repair within the time. As you may be aware some repairs can take longer than the half hour covered in the call out fee and so we charge a very affordable £32.00 inc VAT per half hour for the extra time needed on site.

Once we have identified the problem with your hot tub we will clearly explain the fault to you in full detail, notifying you of the price to complete the repair. We will not carry out any work to your spa or charge you any extras until you have agreed to the price and the work to be undertaken.

The prices stated are labour only, replacement parts and any extras are charged seperately on site. All payments for parts and extras are taken on site either by cash or by credit/debit card. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques as form of payment.

Booking A Repair Call Out

You can either book a hot tub repair by clicking the 'buy it now' button above or by calling our office on 01342 717982. If you have decided to make your purchase online we will contact you within 24 hours to book your appointment for a time and date that suits you.


Hot Tub Annual Servicing - £295 inc VAT - (No Hidden Costs!)

The price stated above is to have your hot tub or spa fully serviced in or near Wendover - Buckinghamshire, by one of our experienced hot tub engineers. We offer one top level servicing package which includes all of the features of our competitors premium grade services, in most cases charged lower than their economy grade service. Our servicing is charged at a flat rate for your location and we spend 4 hours with your hot tub on the day.

Booking A Service

You can either book a hot tub service by clicking the 'buy it now' button above or by calling our office on 01342717982. If you have decided to make your purchase online we will contact you within 24 hours to book your appointment for a time and date that suits you.

Servicing Package - What's Included

~ Full electrical component check i.e Water Pumps, Air Blower, Heater, Ozone & Control System.

~ Plumbing & Insulation check, to identify possible plumbing leaks or missing/damaged insulation from pests.

~ Remove biofilm, grime & gunk by using a commercial grade flushing treatment.

~ Drain spa down, wipe clean acrylic shell.

~ Vacuum inside the spas cabinet and vacuum water from jets and acrylic surface.

~ Clean cover vinyl and spray with commercial grade vinyl protectant.

~ Wipe down cabinet skirt where accessable.

~ Refill hot tub with water.

~ Switch power back on with any air locks removed and completion tested.

~ Add your sanitiser chemicals to spa water and balance.

~ Filters de-greased, cleaned & fitted.

~ Remove Jets & clean for optimal performance.

~ Ensure all nuts & unions are tight.

~ Check all seals and Gaskets and replace in neccesary (Pump seal would be charged separately).

We complete a full report during your spas service which you will get given a copy. We will also advise you if any components of your spa need to be replaced or repaired. All additional repair parts are charged seperately and additional labour charged at £32.00 inc VAT per half hour. These additional items can be paid on site either by credit/debit card or cash, sorry we do not accept cheques as form of payment.


Preparing For A Visit

~ Please make sure you have your spa or hot tub filled with water before our arrival, this saves extra time spent on site to fill it and inevitably save you money on additional labour costs. If you have a major leak then we understand this is not possible and so just notify one of our team that call you when arranging your appointment.

~ Please make sure we have full access of your spas inspection panels, this for instance means any decking surrounding the spa or hot tub must be removed leaving us with a suitable area to work in prior to the visit.

Kind Reminder

If no one is in at your residence when we come to your appointment, you will unfortunatley have to re-book and a secondary call out fee will be charged. However we will wait around for a short period of time. If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please give us 24 hours notice.



We weren't sure what the issue with our hot tub was but the engineer arrived and immediately set about diagostics and then repair. He had the part required with him and was quick and efficient. Our hot tub is now back in use. Not only was the service excellent, the engineer also worked in freezing conditions with a smile on his face! Couldn't recommend them more and will be booking in a service with them in a few months time.

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